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Linkin Park Dead by Sunrise

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Death by sunriseChester Bennington is part of the band Linkin Park....but he's released his debut album with Dead By Sunrise this year as an extra 'side project'.

This is pretty common among artists. In fact Chesters fellow linkin park member 'Mike Shinoda' (the MC in LP) also has a 'side project' band called 'Fort Minor' - ( pretty good aswell, check them out) So whenever Chester and Shinoda aren't working with Linkin Park, they work on their other music projects with Dead By Sunrise and Fort Minor.

And as for Linkin Park - they recently released the transformers film soundtrack and they're doing mini-gigs around the world...Linkin Park also announced on their web site that they were working on their fourth album which will be released in 2010!

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